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14 November 2008 @ 08:24 pm

A little recap for those who have not watched the show, or if you've forgotten and just need a reminder.

Season One Summary
Betty has always dreamed of working in the publishing world, but it seems as though there's no place for the non-thin and non-beautiful in the business. Throughout the show's first season, most of the serialized storylines revolve around Betty trying to balance her work, home and romantic life. Betty's relationship with boyfriend Walter is challenged; initially, Walter resists the changes in Betty's life. Betty must deal with Walter's infidelity with obnoxious neighbor Gina Gambarro. Betty falls in love with Mode accountant Henry Grubstick, whose ex-girlfriend Charlie claims to be pregnant with his child, despite having cheated with another man. Betty's sister Hilda fails to sell beauty products door-to-door and becomes unemployed, but discovers her talent as a beautician. Betty's father Ignacio has health and immigration problems, and he admits to a history of murdering his employer after finding out he abused his wife, Rosa, with whom he had fallen in love. Rosa is Betty and Hilda's late mother.

Other Season One plot lines involve Daniel's womanizing, his affairs with fellow editor Sofia Reyes and lawyer Grace Chin, and his sudden drug addiction; Bradford's affair with Daniel's late predecessor Fey Sommers; the revelation that Claire murdered Fey; Claire's battle with alcoholism; and Alexis' attempts to repair her relationship with Daniel at Bradford's expense. Several storylines revolve around Wilhelmina, including her schemes to use Alexis to force Daniel out of his job. (Alexis is first introduced as 'the mystery woman', until she reveals to the world that Alex Meade had not died in a skiing accident but was now a woman, Alexis). Wilhelmnia also plots to marry Bradford so she can take over the company, and she attempts to deal with her rebellious daughter Nico while winning acceptance from her father.

Finally, Marc deals with multi-tasking for his boss, his homosexuality and family acceptance. Amanda becomes a binge eater, is the target of a prank, and discovers that her true birth mother was Fey Sommers. Christina is used by Wilhelmina even as she helps Betty. Hilda is about to marry Santos (Justin's father) but he is shot and dies from the injuries.

Season Two Summary
Betty has to decide if she still wants to be with Henry after he got Charlie pregnant, as he is going to leave for Tucson to help raise the baby in a few months. In between these events, a deli shop owner named Giovanni "Gio" Rossi starts building a platonic relationship with Betty, which has Hilda, Amanda, and Henry suspecting that Gio might be trying to become the new guy in Betty's life.

Daniel recovers from a car accident but Alexis forgets the last few years of her life, including the fact that she was changed into a woman and that her father mistreated her. Bradford decides to use this to his advantage and doesn't remind Alexis of how he mistreated her; instead, he claims that he was always supportive of her. Wilhelmina's scheme to marry Bradford Meade unravels when (1) Betty learns of the affair she's having and (2) Bradford has a heart attack at the altar.

Amanda tries desperately to find out more about her family, and with Wilhelmina's help, finds out that her father is Rock legend Gene Simmons. Marc finds a partner in Cliff St. Paul, a photographer who is not as handsome, but Marc accepts him as a boyfriend anyway.

Claire Meade escapes from jail with her "friend" Yoga, and they hide away in the Hamptons. Claire is later recaptured, and thanks to a clever (and ironic) scheme by the late Fey Sommers, Claire is acquitted of her murder (Fey had poisoned Claire's perfume in an attempt to kill her, but instead it made Claire become crazy and violent, and eventually she cut Fey's brakes and killed her). Later, Claire tries her best to get her life on track; however, she fears that she may become a burden on her two children. Therefore, she launches a new magazine known as "Hot Flash", which aims to attract female readers over a certain age who have been neglected by their children and have nothing better to do. At first, Alexis Meade states there is not enough money to finance the magazine; however, using her 'resources' wisely, Claire finds ways to make the magazine work and a success.

Hilda tries to get over Santos and to start her new career as a beautician while Justin, who became an intern at Mode, tries to be more like his dad and goes into a "bad boy" phase until Hilda intervenes, prompting the two to restore their mother-son relationship.

Christina is surprised to see her ex show up, but when she learns that he has a life threatening illness and in need of money for an operation, she's determined to help. When Wilhelmina offers to pay Christina if she becomes her surrogate (by being impregnated with Bradford's sperm, which Wilhelmina went to great lengths to remove from his body so she can get control of the Meade empire), Christina agrees to carry the baby, not knowing that this latest plan has more expectant twist and turns when Wilhelmina's troubled sister Renee (psychopathic arsonist who burns down Daniel's apartment) shows up and starts dating Daniel, resulting in Wilhelmina taking great lengths to conceal her scheme.

Hilda meets Justin's gym teacher, Tony and begins a romantic relationship with him. Daniel's son shows up from Paris, and he denies him as his son but tries to bond with him. Gio wants to take Betty to Rome for a romantic date when Henry shows up to ask her hand in marriage.

Season Three Summary (May Contain Spoilers)
Betty decides to move on from Henry and Gio, and after a cross-country trip around the United States, decides to move into an apartment of her own, hoping that this will help her advance in her quest to move up in the publishing business. Betty also attracts the interest of a musician named Jesse who is living in the apartment across from hers. In addition, she buries the hatchet with Kimberly "Kimmie" Keegan, her childhood nemesis and manager of Flushing Burger, where Ignacio works.

Daniel is demoted to Editor-in-Chief of Player magazine, after Alexis decided to bring back Wilhelmina as Editor-in-Chief. Daniel takes the decision to fight for custody of his son Daniel Jr., and for his Job at Mode; which he takes back from Wilhelmina. Wilhelmina's sudden rise to the top, means that she lures Betty into her world - by offering her the job of her assistant- in her attempt to mold her. Of course, this doesn't last and when Betty helps Daniel get his job back, she becomes his assistant again.

Marc's romance with Cliff continues and his jealousy over being passed over by Wilhelmina, when she lured Betty back to Mode, became a move that prompted Marc to set the downfall in motion for his boss, allowing him to get his job back. Claire's stepping in to stop Wilhelmina from using the family and also to get Hot Flash ready.

Hilda is continuing to see Tony, who is still married. Unfortunately, thanks to his wife, Hilda breaks it off. Meanwhile, Justin is getting ready to break into show business in Broadway, in what is said to be a "musical episode". Amanda continues the quest to find her father and also moves in with Betty when her spending spirals out of control. Christina is dealing with Stuart's drug problems and her pregnancy with the unborn Meade baby, which in turn would take a turn for the worse after she is pushed down a flight of stairs. Daniel is framed for it and Betty decides to prove he is wrong.

After using some help from Marc and Amanda, they find out Daniel's sister did it. Alexis turns herself in afterwards. While in jail, Alexis reveals to Daniel that a paternity test for Daniel Jr. revealed that Daniel is not the father. Alexis is the father, since she slept with DJ's mother back when she was a man. As a result of the revelation, Daniel Jr's grandparents get custody of the boy. In the meantime, Wilhelmina puts pressure on Alexis to give up her entire control of the Meade company, in exchange for Wilhelmina's help in getting Alexis' charges dropped. In the end, a compromise is reached, and control of the company is divided equally between Wilhelmina and Daniel. The two become co-owners and co-editors of the publishing empire. This means Wilhelmina only has 50% to go until she controls the whole empire by herself.

Season Three is the starting of our RPG. This means Daniel is still at Player, Wilhelmina is still Editor-in-Chief of Mode, Betty has just come back from holiday and Hilda is still with Tony.