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14 November 2008 @ 10:22 am

To apply, please fill out this form and paste it here, italics mayb be deleted if you wish. Comments are screened till approval. Upon approval, you application will be publicized. A Mod will get back to you within a day or two, so check regularly. Thanks!


<b>Name: </b>
<b>Timezone: </b>
<b>E-mail/AIM/MSN MSGer: </b>

<b>Character Name: </b>
<b>Age: </b>
<i>If unknown, put teen-ish, twenty-ish, thirty-ish etc</i>
<b>Job Position:</b>
<i>If he/she is an assistant/secretary, please specify who he/she works for</i>
<b>Alliance: </b>
<i>Either Daniel, Wilhelmina, or Neither</i>
<b>Livejournal: </b> <lj user="username">
<b>AIM: </b>
<i>Not necessary, but you can put it here if you want</i>

(About him/her)
<i>Canon means he/she is in the show, OC means you created him/her</i>
<i>A least 1 paragraph for canon, 3 paragraphs for OC</i>
<b>First Person Writing Sample: </b>
<i>At least 2 paragraphs/20 sentences</i>
<b>Third Person Writing Sample: </b>
<i>At least 2 paragraphs/20 sentences</i>

1lostone on November 17th, 2008 02:53 am (UTC)
Name: Jess
Timezone: EST
E-mail/AIM/MSN MSGer: clueless1der@live.com

Character Name: Betty Suarez
Age: 24
Job Position: Assistant to Mr. Daniel Meade... for now. Has aspirations of a great career in editing in her near future. (The “future” might come sooner than she planned if she has to keep working at this ridiculously sexist magazine for much longer!)
Alliance: Daniel
Livejournal: 1lostone
(About him/her)
Betty has been working at Mode at an entry-level position under Daniel Meade for roughly two years. After taking awhile to get her personal life under control, Betty is taking steps into turning herself into the independent woman she knows she will be one day. She works for Daniel at Player. She absolutely loathes this magazine and what it stands for, but can’t see herself quitting. She likes to think that Daniel needs her there with him, and because of their friendship she will put up with the indignities that come with working there. Betty has just decided to get her own apartment, and is excited, nervous and scared all at once.

First Person Writing Sample:
I couldn’t believe it. When the elevators opened to admit me to the Player floor of the Meade building, all I could think of was how much I disagreed with this … magazine… and all it stood for. How could there be such crap published under the Meade name? “Picking Date Movies That Are Sure To Get Her In The Mood?” “Twelve Ways To Get Her To Swallow?” Ew!! I couldn’t believe that Daniel was working here. Here! Sure at face value it seemed that Daniel would be a perfect match for the way that women are portrayed at this publication, but I knew better. Despite his … um, popularity… with the beautiful women that paraded in and out of his life, I honestly never thought that I would see him so low. Working here after Mode must be quite a shock. But… maybe he would like it. Maybe he would even want to use this magazine to turn things around for women and how they’re portrayed in the media!

I pushed my glasses onto my nose and got a hold of myself. Still. A job was a job. Daniel was here, right? And maybe it wouldn’t be so bad. Daniel was enjoying being a dad. Well. At least he was enjoying the baseball games, and the video games, and the late-night pizza parties of being a dad. Sigh. That’s not my business. I work for him. I’m not dating him or anything. I was glad to have his friendship. If being his friend meant that I had to switch magazines, then so be it. The paycheck would be a paycheck no matter where I was. I took a deep breath, smiled brightly and stepped into the offices to find my wayward boss.

Third Person Writing Sample: Daniel struggled when the two bulky men bent him over the desk and secured his hands with duct tape. They had his arms up to a most uncomfortable angle and the tape was so tight that Daniel cried out in pain. He managed to kick back and knew he connected with his attacker’s knee, but he was off balance and felt himself falling to the side. Without being able to use his arms for balance, he fell to the floor. Daniel got a boot in his side for his troubles.

Daniel cried out again when he was hauled back to his feet by his hair.

“If you know what’s good for you, you’ll calm down. This don’t have to be no problem, here.”

The words were punctuated by a bright burst of pain from his cheekbone as he saw the butt of the gun crack him in the face. He was too stunned to do much more than try to brace himself. They were about the same height. There were two guys in his office with him, and two more standing outside. His quick glance took.. sorry I had to delete it; my post was too long!

NOTE: I only want Betty if my friend and beta Jen (survived_it_all has Daniel!!! Otherwise, I will try for Marc and let someone else have Betty. I hope that’s okay!
mode_mod on November 17th, 2008 02:06 pm (UTC)
Welcome on board :)