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14 November 2008 @ 10:22 am

To apply, please fill out this form and paste it here, italics mayb be deleted if you wish. Comments are screened till approval. Upon approval, you application will be publicized. A Mod will get back to you within a day or two, so check regularly. Thanks!


<b>Name: </b>
<b>Timezone: </b>
<b>E-mail/AIM/MSN MSGer: </b>

<b>Character Name: </b>
<b>Age: </b>
<i>If unknown, put teen-ish, twenty-ish, thirty-ish etc</i>
<b>Job Position:</b>
<i>If he/she is an assistant/secretary, please specify who he/she works for</i>
<b>Alliance: </b>
<i>Either Daniel, Wilhelmina, or Neither</i>
<b>Livejournal: </b> <lj user="username">
<b>AIM: </b>
<i>Not necessary, but you can put it here if you want</i>

(About him/her)
<i>Canon means he/she is in the show, OC means you created him/her</i>
<i>A least 1 paragraph for canon, 3 paragraphs for OC</i>
<b>First Person Writing Sample: </b>
<i>At least 2 paragraphs/20 sentences</i>
<b>Third Person Writing Sample: </b>
<i>At least 2 paragraphs/20 sentences</i>

wilhelmina_sl on November 15th, 2008 11:53 am (UTC)
Name: Francesca
Timezone: +1
E-mail/AIM/MSN MSGer: francesca_g89@hotmail.it

Character Name: Wilhelmina Slater
Age: "I've been the same age for years". Fortyfive more or less, by the way
Job Position:Editor-in-chief. The best ever.
Alliance: Definitely myself
Livejournal: wilhelmina_sl

(About him/her)
Personality/History: Creative Directore during Fey Sommers's empire; after fighting a lot she is finally Editor-in-chief, together with Daniel Meade. The only person she trusts is herself. She's ambitious, a real diva, and thinks everything revolves around her. And it does. Mode's employees fear her like the devil, and she could make you cry even just looking at you.

First Person Writing Sample:
I couldn't understand. That Betty was a total mess, and I can't see why Bradford hired her. In my not-so-humble opinion, that's a terrible PR mistake. I mean, I look at her and all I see is...metal? Yeah, metal. Marc agrees with me. But then, when doesn't he? I don't even know if he has his own brain or if it's tightly linked with mine.
Back to Betty. What is even worst is that she can actually do her job. She keeps saving Daniel's ass, and that's not good for me. Daniel's ass is on the line because I want it on the line. If she keeps cleaning up his messes, how can I ever succeed and throw him out if this damned office?
Third Person Writing Sample:
She sit on the chair, thinking about the whole day. Suddenly, her Blackberry ringed.
"Wilhelmina" she answered.
"Hey, it's me" a male voice answered.
"What do yu want?" she asked impatiently. She couldn't stand him at work, and she certainly didn't want to chit-chat with him.
"I have to go to the airport and welcome Adriana Lima. Would you mind take care of the photoshoot setting?"
"Yeah, fine with me" she answered, and hang up.
This whole thing, her being on a truce with Daniel, was getting ridiculous. What was even worst was the fact that he was starting to think of her as a friend.
She, Wilhelmina Slater, would never be Daniel's friends.
mode_mod on November 15th, 2008 01:39 pm (UTC)
Approved. Welcome aboard. :D