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The Ugly Betty RPG

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Mode RPG


What is Mode?
Mode is the hottest fictonal fashion magazine in the tv history. It's the bible for both fashionistas and common people.

What is an RPG?
It stands for Role Playing Game.
For those people who have always dreamed of being a part of their favorite tv show, this is the place for you! A Role Playing Game is basically like writing fan fiction. The difference: there's not just one writer.

Basic Guide Lines
Every writer chooses a character from the Ugly Betty universe. Or, they can create a new one.
All you have to do is basically interpreting your character, following the initial plot, and developing it with the help of the other writers.


One: The Basics
So, RPGs have a setting that will be stated in the initial post, together with the initial details of the plot. The plot is necessary because we can't just start from nothing, it would be too confusing. In some RPGs there might be certain characters needed, while in others some characters will not be allowed. Once enough characters are all taken, the RPG will begin. NO characters from other shows.

- Two: Taking A Character
You apply by filling in the simple form at Application . The OOC part is for you. Your name/username, your timezone and a valid mail address.
The IC part is for the character you've chosen, both for known and unknown characters. Writing samples are necessary, not only to avoid people who are not really interested in the RPG, but also to grant a well written story. We might give you advices if we see something is wrong with the sample, just to be sure. A character cannot be applied by the same person for more than THREE times.

- Three: Starting

We are going to post a new entry in which we'll state the order of the game.
For example: Claire, Bradford, Fey, Wanda, etc etc
That order will have to be respected ALWAYS , except for particular situations that will be explained in a while.
If you write and it's not your turn, your reply will be deleted. Full stop.

- Four: How to Play?
Just answering to the post!! LoL, it's not that difficult, isn't it? =)
But please, try and reply to the entry, not to the single comment of the person who wrote before you. I say this because we want the story to be read easily.
Back on turns : what are the exceptions we were talking about? Everyone has 24 hours (Please follow LJ's UCT time , we have to many timezones across the world) to write its part, if he doesn't, it will be the turn of the person who comes next.
Other exception : the player who knows he won't be able to make it tells US , mods, he won't be able to do that. We won't accept people who come and tell us “Pincopallino won't make it, he told me”. We must be notified. Sorry guys, it's the mods' job.

- Five: OOC and IC
Please, try and stay IN CHARACTER if you're playing known characters. I mean, it wouldn't be normal to see Wilhelmina kissing Marc. Another important thing is: keep your feet on the ground. No one likes Mary Sues and Gary Stus. I'm afraid a person like that doesn't exist right now on Earth. Everyone has faults. Try and explore those, it'll make your character much more interesting.
Also, do not complain about IC Drama. That said, if you are with war with another player, do not (I repeat, DO NOT ) drag that war here. That is called OOC Drama . If you do, I will raise my God Mod hand and kick your ass out of MODE. You're fired! Oh, and you're banned.

- Six: Grammar and Spelling

Form is very important. I don't want to seem tedious, but it is.
Punctuation – Capital Letters in names, cities and all those things who actually need one – Verbs – Dialogues. These are the things you HAVE to check before you publish what you wrote. Remember, we won't kill you if it takes more than 10 minutes to answer. You have 24 hours, that's a lot of time to check spelling and grammar. Obviously, I know not everyone is English/American here, both Mods are not for example, and I don't want to think about the mistakes we might have made in this profile. But please, do your best .

- Seven: End
An RPG doesn't usually have limits of time. So unless it is at a dead point, we will try not to interrupt. We will only if necessary.

Enough with rules. Remember, we will never get tired of saying this, don't take things too seriously. We are PLAYING . Respect is the first thing, always.

If you need further information feel free to contact dardeile or lebrillant
We are your mods, our job is to make you happy! <3

The role of a writer is not to say what we all can say, but what we are unable to say.
-- Anaïs Nin

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