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24 November 2008 @ 05:18 pm
Start Date  


We'll be starting on the 1st of December, the "fake" date will be sometime in spring.

Place and Characters
Since all the characters won't be in the same place, there are a few places that can be used for the first few threads. It wouldn't be right if we just start in the middle of a plot. These include:
Player Magazine Offices Daniel, Daneil Jr, Betty (after she's been to MODE)
MODE Magazine Offices Betty, Wilhelmina, Marc, Amanda, Christina
Suarez Household Betty, Hilda, Justin, Ignacio


So far, we'll be going along with the plots from the show. So, the major plot will be Daniel wanting to have more time with Daniel Jr, Betty trying to turn Player into a less sexist magazine, Wilhelmina has taken over MODE etc.

REMINDER: Season Three is the starting of our RPG. This means Daniel is still at Player, Wilhelmina is still Editor-in-Chief of Mode, Betty has just come back from holiday and Hilda is still with Tony.